Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Find out how to access local sexual health services, advice and support

Sex should be enjoyable and is an important part of our lives and relationships, but there are risks including sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and unplanned pregnancy.

You can be at risk from STI’s (or sexually transmitted infections) through a variety of sexual activities. There are many different types of STI’s and most can be treated; but it is important if you are worried, had unprotected sex or have any unusual symptoms –to see your G.P or local sexual health clinic (find your local sexual health clinic search in useful resources below).

It’s important to remember that not all STIs have symptoms. If you’re worried about sexually transmitted infections, it’s best to get tested.

Contraception is used to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. There are several different types of contraception and it is important to make a choice to best suit your needs and lifestyle. There are methods you can use which are long lasting, these are called LARC (Long-acting reversible contraception) and include coils, contraceptive implants and injectable contraception. These methods are over 99% effective, making them the most reliable types of contraception available.

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