Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Alcohol and Drug support services for a healthier, happier life
Are you worried about how much you, a friend or family member is drinking?  There is a lot of help available.  Alcohol is widely consumed in the UK; but when used in excess or depended on, it can have a huge impact on your health and your life.  “Alcohol has been casually linked to more than 60 categories of disease, illness and injury, including a variety of cancers, cardiovascular illnesses and traumatic conditions.” (

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The use and misuse of drugs can have a devastating effect on health, family and society.  There are legal prescribed drugs and illegal drugs -which are classified into different categories (please see useful resources section).

If your health is affected by drugs and alcohol, you can get support from experts. There are a wide variety of organisations locally and nationally offering a significant amount of support, advice and information.  First Contact Plus works with our partner Turning Point (see what’s in my area and advert below) who provide free treatment in Leicestershire and Rutland.

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