Dementia Support

Dementia Support

Dementia and Alzheimer’s support services to support yourself and family during a difficult time

Dementia is used to describe a range of progressive disorders that affect the brain. There are a wide range of different types of dementia where Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. A diagnosis of dementia can be difficult for yourself and those around you in a wide variety of ways. This can have an impact physically, emotionally and in a variety of practical situations. There are support services to help and support your family and friends in a number of ways including carer’s support.

If your health is affected by dementia, you can get support from both experts and support groups within your local community. There are a wide variety of organisations locally and nationally offering a significant amount of support, advice and information. First Contact Plus works with our partner the Age UK Dementia Support who are based in Leicester and Leicestershire who provide free support within your local area (see ‘what’s in my area’ for further information).

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