First Contact Plus Referral System Updates

20th July 2021

Greetings and thank you for continuing to support residents of Leicestershire through First Contact Plus. When making future referrals, you may note that there have been some changes to the referral form, giving the ability to attach documents to a customer’s referral. PLEASE DO NOT attach documents for your customers unless you are a partner agency who has already been instructed to do so. This mechanism is for specific referral pathways and only for certain providers who will already have this information confirmed to them. Please also note that our consent statement has slightly changed to state ‘consent to contact by phone, email or SMS text has been given on behalf of the named individual below’.


We have been working throughout the pandemic and many of our partner agencies are now offering more services due to the easing of restrictions. We are continuing to process referrals in the usual manner and we welcome any further referrals into the service.

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