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Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

You can apply for or renew a Blue Badge online free of charge via the GOV.UK website


Please be aware of websites operated by private companies or individuals offering assistance in applying for a Blue Badge. These sites may charge a substantial fee for their services. You can apply online free of charge and upload supporting documents via the GOV.UK website.

Applying for a Blue Badge

  • A Blue Badge costs £10

Apply online

Applying online lets you save your application to carry on with later and track the progress of it. You can apply online through GOV.UK:

Apply online

Once you’ve started an online application you can:

Apply by phone

Call Customer Services during office hours: 0116 305 0001

If you're applying by phone, our team can check your proof of address over the phone, you will not need to send your documents to us. The call usually takes around 45 minutes. You will need details of your medication and any difficulties relating to walking.

Apply by post

We recommend applying either online or by phone. If you are unable to apply online or by phone you can complete a paper application by downloading the form below and returning it to the address below.

We aim to process postal applications within 15 working days.

Customer Service Centre
County Hall

Blue Badge Application Form for Individuals

Blue Badge Application Form for Organisations

Please do not send the fee with your application. If your application is successful we will contact you to collect the fee.

Paying for your badge

If you apply by post, over the phone (or through GOV.UK and have not already paid through their form), you can pay for your badge using our online form

You will need your reference number, which will be sent to you when we request payment.

Renewing your Blue Badge

There is no automatic renewal of a badge, all badge holders must re-apply for their badge before the old badge expires.


Do not use the badge if it has expired as you may be fined.

Renew over the phone

You can renew over the phone, call Customer Services during office hours: 0116 305 0001

The call usually takes less than 10 minutes. Please have your payment card details ready so that we can complete the renewal.

Renew online

You can renew online through the GOV.UK website

We will send you a reminder letter and an application form 6 weeks before your badge is due to expire. It’s the responsibility of the badge holder to re-apply in good time before their current badge expires.

We aim to process your application in 3 weeks. If we decide you should attend an independent mobility assessment, the processing time is likely to be longer.


The council may cancel your application if you don’t respond within 1 month to a request we make in connection with your application, e.g. to supply further information, attend a mobility assessment, or pay the fee.

If your address or name changes you must let us know

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